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  • 26° Drains
  • Spring hinges
  • Needs no caulk
  • Can be used for cabin side thickness 1/8" to 1-1/4" (Teak Spacer required for 3/8" and under )
  • Fasteners Provided (Outside Fasteners with O-Ring Seals)
  • ASA and 316/316 Low Carbon Stainless Steel
  • 8mm acrylic with 8mm (5/16") glass optional
  • 25mm means that the port comes supplied with 25mm (1") fasteners and 38mm (1 1/2")
  • The two standard length fasteners work for 3/4" cabin thickness and 1 1/4" respectively
  • Other length fasteners available upon request depending upon your cabin side thickness
  • Cabin thickness below 5/8" require our Teak spacer or equivalent

Size and Price



List Price

PW8"R 8" Round Tri-Matrix $129.95 

Tinted lens or glass lens starting at $30.00.


"We received the 5 X 12 Trimatrix Port yesterday....and I installed it today. WOW!! I really like the port, and my wife likes it too!! What is really great about it is the fact that it is a really good direct replacement for the Atkins Hoyle 5 X 12.... I only had to use your template to drill the holes for your port and notch out for the rain drains...and put the port in. Easy as could be!! We will be ordering a bunch more soon...a few at a time!"
--- Rob Homan

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The installation video is coming soon.

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