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What size port do I need?

Our ports are named by the nominal glass size (i.e. the 5x12 port has a nominal glass of 5"x12"). A simple way to determine the port you need is to measure the outside dimension (overall length and height). Now look at our overall size to find a port that matches that size or one that is slightly larger. For example, a common plastic port has an overall dimension of 14 ¾" x 7 ¾". Looking at our ports you will find that the overall size of the 5x12 port is 15" x 8" which will make the proper replacement. When you pull your old port, you may find that cut outs vary considerably. You can remove cabin side material where necessary and fill gaps with caulk when the cut out is a bit oversize. Remember, our ports bolt through so a variance in cut out size will not matter to the structural integrity of the installation.